Meet Larry

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Larry Walker, owner of Training Wheels Fitness, is dedicated to being your premier personal trainer. He provides you one-on-one attention and expertise to best benefit your fitness goals.

“In 1984, I had a back injury that put me out of work for 8 months. At the time I weighed 130 lbs. and my lifestyle was not healthy or conducive to fitness. I opted for chiropractic rehabilitation instead of surgery. My chiropractor informed me that I needed to strengthen my lower back and abdominal area through exercise. At the time I knew nothing about exercise or weight training. My quest was to learn everything I could about physical fitness.

As time progressed, my body developed. I learned and applied information on nutrition, proper rest, cardiovascular exercises, resistance training, stretching, and eliminating unhealthy habits. It was obvious that I would never be the same – in a very positive way- with my life changing decision!

After 16 years of gaining knowledge and hands on experience of physical fitness, I decided to become a  Certified Fitness Trainer.  And Training Wheels was born.

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Larry’s professional programs offer you maximum fitness results in a minimum of time. His proven approach gives you much more that a “typical“ health club experience. Every step of the way is tailored to your needs, designed around you with careful attention to your exercise technique and more. I want to ensure correct form, so you stay injury free while accomplishing your fitness goals.

No matter what your level of fitness, I will design a fitness program that provides you a more efficient and productive workout with the knowledge, safety and motivation you need to achieve real results.

You take the first step by calling today! And, I’ll help you complete your journey to feeling and looking your best ever.

Additional Comments from Larry …

“Because I care about each and every one of my clients.  They put their health in my hands and I handle it with great care.  My workouts are not for everyone; they are hard, fast paced, challenging but rewarding.  I will help you work harder to reach your fitness goals sooner.  I see fitness as life in motion; training the mind and muscle to work in unison with each other. Remember one thing, everything worth having takes discipline and hard work. There’s only one way to move in your fitness endeavor: forward.
If you are up to the challenge, let’s do this together!”

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