Benefits of Personal Training

To achieve your Fitness Goals, here are 5 Reasons to have your own Personal Trainer:

Knowledge From a Training Professional

Larry Walker is a Certified Fitness Training professional.  He is constantly in touch with the newest information and techniques for your overall health and fitness.  The best athletes in the world have coaches/trainers.  Why? Because they help you to push through your limits to becoming the best you can be, every session.


If you feel you are not reaching your specific fitness goals, or you’re not putting the maximum effort into your training sessions, then a personal trainer could be the answer for you.  Personalized training with Certified Fitness Trainer, Larry Walker, can help you produce maximum results in minimum time by moving you and motivating you to work harder!

Motivation and Encouragement

You will perform better when you are working with another person, especially someone who wants you to excel. Larry will encourage, support, and guide you through challenging and unique workouts that you will look forward to.


Your Personal Trainer will provide you the necessary motivation and accountability to stay on track and maximize your results.  Through Larry’s professional guidance, he will teach you what pace and intensity level is required for you to get into great shape and maintain it!

Safety and Expertise

As your Personal Trainer, Larry Walker will carefully monitor your workouts and exercise technique to ensure correct form.  This is intended to keep you injury free, while pushing towards maximum results, in a minimum of time.  Your SAFTEY is a top priority at Training Wheels.

What’s it like to work with a personal trainer?

If this is your first time working with a personal trainer, you’re likely to have many questions and may not know what to expect. You may also have hesitations. After all, starting an exercise program can be challenging and it’s normal to feel self-conscious. If you’ve already worked with a trainer, you’ll have some ideas of your own in what you’re looking for, or want to avoid.  But Training Wheels’ way of training is much different than others.
Larry Walker will arm you with information so you can make an informed decision and find the right fitness professional to fit with your needs.  Find out what it’s like to work with Larry. 

Simply give him a call at 817-808-4FIT (4348) today, or, send him an email at:

He’ll be happy to answer all of your questions before getting started.